Free chat rooms, no registration, no downloads, no apps to install! Retro style text chat rooms for everyone!

Chat Bubbles

ChatRooms.Club is bringing back a dying breed of chat room, simple, plain, easy text chat, retro style and totally free for anyone to enjoy without registration! No special requirements necessary, if you only want to text chat with strangers in groups, use a smilie and share a photo or link, you can do just that in a choice of chat rooms covering various topics.

Back in the late 90´s and early 00´s, chat rooms were in abundance, the most popular form of online communication being that of Yahoo Chat. Since then, with the advancement of technology, anyone can chat live with family and friends with video chat through apps and social networks for free. This has killed off most chat sites as they continue to try and keep up to date with the latest features at an unaffordable expense. Built entirely from free source codes, ChatRooms.Club can afford to bring you the past fun of simple text chat rooms into the present and future beyond!

How to use our chat rooms.

Simplicity is key! Choose a chat room from the chat room list, choose your chat name and enter the chat room of your choice. If you wish to reserve your name, you can register a free account. You can choose from a variety of chat rooms with various options and topics. To chat, type a message and send it to the chat group for all chatters to see. Some other options include sharing images, smilies and private one to one chat. Each chat room has different options and different topics. Our main chat room has all features and open to any type of discussion.

Why is there a Register button when the chat rooms are free without registration?

Guests are welcome to join any chat room without registration. There is no difference to the chat room features whether you are a guest or member. The only difference is members get to keep their username and guests cannot use a members username to enter a chat room. So if you choose to register, you own your username and it cannot be used by anyone else. Registration also allows you to upload a profile photo and create a profile page for the members gallery.

Secure Chat SiteSecurity and privacy of the chat rooms.

ChatRooms.Club runs on https (SSL encryption) to keep data safe. We also never ask for personal information. You can register a free profile purely to reserve your username and settings, however, membership does not provide any extra features. You can chat for free in our chat rooms and enjoy all the features safely without registration.

Chat, enjoy, meet people but be safe!

It should be quite obvious by now that anyone can join in a chat room and you don´t really know if they are who they say they are. You must fully understand that chat rooms can be dangerous if you use them for anything other than chatting online. Do not broadcast any personal information, credit card info or arrange to meet anyone in person in the chat rooms. You also should not post any contact info, including your phone number or email address, unless you want to get spammed or possibly harassed! Be sensible, be vigilant but most of all, be safe.

If you want to meet people online from many countries around the world and chat live, visit The Lobby here and choose a chat room.