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Remember the days before Facebook and Whatsapp? Simple text chat rooms were popular!

The days when Yahoo Chat was the most popular social media network in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people would meet up and chat with their friends in groups using only text chat. Technology back then was very basic compared with today and you would have been lucky to have an internet speed of 1meg! You can admit it or not, but those days were lots more fun and liberal.

The majority of people on the planet have a Facebook account and technology has changed a lot since Yahoo Chat!

These days, 2 thirds of the planet has a Facebook account, most people have a smartphone and most eyes are always looking at a screen of some sort. People are constantly connected to the internet and almost everything, from shopping to communication to watching TV, all done via the internet. The days when the minority had internet access are well gone, however the fun is coming back! ChatRooms.Club is a retro style chat site, similar to the old Yahoo Chat days. Anyone can chat as a guest or register a profile and username. No flash video chat, no instant messenger, no app to download, it is old fashioned good old text chat with many chat rooms to choose from.

Anonymity has almost all but gone and it is because of vast amounts of money involved in advertising.

These days, all the big social networks and communication apps want to know who you are, your date of birth, what you like to eat, what drives you crazy and what makes you happy. An honest opinion of many thousands of people that leave Facebook each day is that it is getting scary. One such person downloaded their Facebook archive (before deactivating their account) and enclosed in a zip file was their facial recognition data!

First of all, have you ever been asked by Facebook if they can scan your profile photo to use alongside your name, date of birth and verification documents? No. It is a complete invasion of privacy that goes unnoticed. How do you think “auto tagging” works? You hover over a family or friends face in a photo that you upload and it automatically asks if you want to “tag” someone. 99% of the time, it successfully matches the face to the user profile. Facebook has all the info they need about you matched to your facial features. Now imagine if Facebook was to sell your data to third party companies, agencies or even the government. Apparently they already have according to this article here.

There is no privacy, you are in a database alongside millions of other people, an app could scan your face and reveal who you are, your date of birth and a whole lot more almost instantly to the end user! Who and how many companies and agencies has this database or app? Nobody knows, only Facebook! Not many people know you can actually turn off this feature (cnet has the guide here), however, it is turned on by default and Facebook are still scanning all of your photos for facial recognition even if you opt out of the tagging. Your face, your name, your date of birth, your friends, connections, workplace, schooling, interests, likes, hates and even the name of your kids is in a database ready to sell on to advertising agencies and possibly the government.

Why use Chat RoomsSo why use the free chat rooms at ChatRooms.Club?

You cannot compare retro text chat rooms to the big social networks and feature packed apps that have face to face or group video chat. Chat rooms should be in a completely different category to social networks for many reasons. A chat room is where you meet up with a bunch of strangers and join in, meeting new people to chat with. A social network is more likely the place were you keep in touch and share photos, videos and media with your family and friends. A social network also wants you to be you, in a chat room without registration, you can be whoever you want to be! None of your data will be sold or used in any technology because it is not collected. You choose from the very start if you want to use your real name, interests or not, should you create your profile.

ChatRooms.Club is simple, if you don´t like the chat, block the offender or go to another chat room! Chat rules are simple, no racism, no solicitation with minors, no acts of terrorism and abusing other chatters should only be done in the “Offend Me!” chat room. Normal chat rules for any chat site would include no nudity, however, we don´t have video chat so if you are not at your most decent on cam, no ones gonna see!

ChatRooms.Club is a retro style chat site with text only chat rooms of many different topics. No registration and no software to download. It is browser based and works on any device, smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet or WAP device. It doesn´t use much data at all, so you can still chat and have fun with many people without worrying about your data plan.

  • Be anonymous.
  • Save your data plan.
  • Chat live with interesting strangers.
  • Make friends.
  • Simple text chat.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • No downloads.
  • No app to install.
  • No registration.

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