The internet is becoming progressively controlled by a minority of large businesses. Increased censorship is taking away our freedom of speech. Governments and big businesses are controlling what we are allowed to see. With this, the elites have an increasing amount of power to brainwash the world to think how they want us all to think. They do this so that the powerful minority can benefit, increasing their wealth through manipulation of the truth. The internet today no longer gives us the freedom of the past and that is worrying, very worrying.

No longer can a startup business succeed without paying the monopolies to advertise.

Facebook lacks any monetization, nobody can earn from Facebook, they take 100% profit from advertising. Billions of people have a Facebook account, big businesses will happily pay big money to target their advertising campaigns to Facebook users. The higher the competition between the big businesses, the higher the costs of advertising. This is making it much more difficult for startups without a budget to compete, to build something new, to gain an online audience. You might have a fantastic idea, the programming knowledge but if you haven´t got a large advertising budget, you will find it increasingly hard to succeed. Facebook don´t care about you, Facebook only cares about generating a huge profit.

Google owns around 90% of the search engine market. When you search for something on Google, the top three results are normally paying advertisers, the next would be Wikipedia, followed by a couple of Youtube videos. Page two of Google search is becoming what page one used to be, more relevant to your search term. However, even the organic search results from Google on page two are less relevant than they once used to be. Why is this? Well Google have certain algorithms that they tweak and they can manipulate organic search results to benefit anyone, including themselves, governments and businesses. The search result you find may not be the truth. Google search is a very dangerous tool, considering it delivers 90% of what the entire population of the world searches for.

Twitter once used to be the alternative social media, allowing people to express their opinion with very little censorship. We now have shadow banning, suspension of accounts, terminations of accounts and this happens because we “broke their terms”. Their terms have become the same as all the big monopoly social media websites, their terms are there to benefit the elitists and not for the end users. We can no longer say what we want and we can no longer express our opinions.

Freedom of speech and freedom of thought has gone!

The big social media monopolies have combined together to take away our freedom of speech and our own way of thinking. If we don´t think like them, we don´t have a say and we don´t have any reach. Maybe their way of thinking is right, maybe it´s not, it no longer matters, there is no longer any argument, we are all told what is right and that is very wrong.

Now what this website started as was a chat site. A simple chat site with simple text chat rooms. Real time chatting for strangers to meet up and talk about anything they wish. It never really worked. People don´t like to chat with strangers anymore and see their message move fast to the bottom of the chat and out of view. People want to express themselves and have their thoughts available for others to read at any time, wether it is later today, tomorrow or next week. People want feedback from others but most of all, people want to express themselves with their own ideas through freedom of speech.

What´s wrong with social media today is the interference from the big monopolies and governments. Why should anyone control what you want to say? Why should anyone control what you want to read? Most of all, why should anyone control what you want to think? If you believe in something and you think you are right, just maybe you are. Your beliefs should never be taken away from you by mass censorship from the elitists, taking away your ability to share your beliefs with others. If you read something that you don´t believe in, it should be your choice to ignore it and move on. If you don´t like someone, it should be your choice to block them. If you don´t agree with something, it should be your choice to argue your case.

What you can expect from our social network:

  • Your posts will never be removed.
  • Your posts will have equal exposure as any other post.
  • Your account will never be terminated or suspended because of your beliefs.
  • Your personal information will never be used to target advertising.
  • If you don´t like what you see, it is your decision to block the person who posted it.
  • Its not a dot com, why should it be? Most of the dot coms have been taken for ransom by the elites, enjoy this dot club!

We do have some rules which are quite fair:

  • Do not abuse other members.
  • You must be over 18 to use this site.
  • Do not use the site to create acts of terrorism or violence.

Most of all, enjoy debates, meeting people, sharing media, chatting in our live chat rooms, commenting, liking and having your freedom of speech back! Welcome to ChatRooms.Club!